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Creation Safaris highlights recent research that has invalidating a long standing evolutionary assumption about natural selection.

The UN is looking for better, 'safer' abortion drugs.

The AP has an informative survey of religion and politics in 10 countries. It seems many christians still believe the secular humanist lie that they shouldn't mix religion and politics.

After the recent federal ruling affirming the federal right to pursue medical marijuana users, pot clubs vow to continue breaking the law. One has to wonder why states who think abortion should be illegal are forced to keep it legal when the medical marijuana users are allowed to ignore federal laws they don't like?

A great new invention is on the way allowing peope to breath underwater without an oxygen tank by taking oxygen from the water.

Kevin Donnelly has an article about the lack of true values education and our shift from the original concept of a liberal education to a watered down relativistic one. It seems many of the commentators fail to understand his point.
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