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Perspective and hypocrisy
Joe Carter over at the Evangelical Outpost has an interesting post on Anti-Christian bigotry being the new anti-semitism. From the post
“Jim Jones [the 1970s cult leader who led followers in a mass suicide] has gone mainstream!" warned journalist Katherine Yurica. "Today we are living in a nation governed by an unholy cult!" Yurica claims that the Republican Party had gained power through "Hitlerian tactics” and that evangelical leaders from Billy Graham to Jerry Falwell "had to have read Hitler's Mein Kampf." Her explanation for such an audacious claim: "I say this confidently because anyone who has learned to quack like a duck has studied ducks!"...Upon hearing such drivel, most orthodox Christians simply sigh, shrug, and politely point out how such remarks grossly misrepresent Christian belief. The time has come, though, to say enough is enough. Several decades ago anti-Catholicism became the new anti-Semitism among "intellectuals." But now the hatred and disdain has broadened to include all conservative, orthodox Christians. This is the “new” new-anti-Semitism.
What is really interesting is the comments of many of Joe's regular responders...Patrick says
"I think you've got your collective heads stuck in the sand. I guess no one likes to think that others think that they are at times evil and cruel. And perhaps justly so. Instead of complaining about the media, why don't you do something about Dominists and other fanatics?"
Mumon says
"Good people of any faith, who look at the evidence cannot but admit that there is indeed a small but powerful contingent of people who have stolen the name of Christianity to subvert the liberties of those whose beliefs differ....Now I don't want to tar all self-avowed Christians this way. I think it's as unfair to do this as it is for Christians to tar non-believers. But this contingent exists, and instead of getting on a soapbox and professing denial, it would help to restore dialog to admit that this Klan-nurtured, hateful theology and sects exist, that they prey upon well meaning Christians"
Boonton said
"In all the examples given the so called hate has not been against Christians for being Christians but for some Christians advocating policies the speaker disagrees with."

What I find amazing is that these responders still don't get it. Somehow, people being anti-christian means that christians have to do something about other groups? If it wasn't for those 'extremist' groups then the likes of Patrick, Mumon, and Boonton would never show any sort of anti-christian bigotry? I don't think so. I think Boonton's statements show quite clearly that the real problem is that Christians advocate policies that they don't like. This will always be a problem as christian's are not big fans of killing defenseless unborn humans. The real issue is that they disagree with Christian's and instead of holding a rational discussion, agreeing to disagree and live in a nice polite democratic society where everyone gets a voice, they have to engage in accusation and insult.

What is is more unbelievable is the hypocrisy that those on the left show. I don't remember a huge outcry when Senator Durbin compared the US troops in iraq to Nazi's, yet they are up in arms because Karl Rove painted them as weak. Somehow it is okay for Senator Durbin to use the terrible happenings in Iraq for politics, but if Karl Rove uses Septemeber 11 for making a political point they scream bloody murder.

It seems that liberals are not able to take the same rhetoric they constantly spout...

Update: Melinda Penner at Stand To Reason has a post on the hypocrisy of an anti-christian that also relates...
The irony here is that he's worried about a theocracy while he is proposing an atheocracy. And his opinions are the very things often projected onto Christians portrayed as narrow-minded and intolerant, while the shoe is actuallyon the other foot.

Update 2: Michelle Malkin and The Cassandra Page are also talking about the Hypocrisy on the Left regarding Karl Rove
I agree with your assessment. Plus I would add that part of the resurgence in Christain activism in the political realm is less religious than cultural. Christianity does not adhere to a particular cultural framework, but people need to. A community needs traditions and mores that most everyone accepts. Certain groups in the US have been assaulting those relentlessly through multiculturalism and PC. Since much of the culture was shaped through Christian values, attacking those values attacks the cultural framework.

I really enjoy your blog.
Hi Chris,
I'd have to agree, to an extent. It seems to me that is only because of the good culture that christianity helped to create that the west was so successful in building a freedom filled, secure societty with little crime. Now that people are starting to wake up and see that culture changing, they have realized that things are starting to effect them and so many more people are taking action.

Thanks for the encouragement.
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