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Life - The Stem Cell Debate
Steve Chapman at Real Clear Politics has an article up exposing some of the myths of frozen embryos in the Stem Cell Debate.

Glenn Reynolds, over at Instapundit continues his advocating of Embryonic Stem cells, with great reasons for killing off human life as
I actually think that eventually adult stem cells will do all the work. But I don't know that, and ruling out research involving embryonic stem cells now might keep us from getting to that point, or get us there much later.
and also links to a Washington Post story outlining that
In recent months, a number of researchers have begun to assemble intriguing evidence that it is possible to generate embryonic stem cells without having to create or destroy new human embryos. . . .

Glenn continues his warped logic by saying that killing human life sped up the process of adult stem cell research, so it was justified. Of course, all those extra funds and researchers that could of been focused into adult stem cell research did nothing to slow things down?
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