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Jivin Jehoshaphat has an interesting post on an article up at the Planned Parenthood website about a woman who mistakenly walked into a crisis pregancy center (CPC) instead of a planned parenthood clinic. JJ makes some good points about the woman's claims of objectional practices at the CPC.
This is where I started to wonder if this was some kind of parody site. A crisis pregnancy center that gives women a free pregnancy test, a free ultrasound, and offers to pay her medical bills and the baby's bills for a year or two isn't "any help at all?" Who's buying that hogwash?

Indeed. It seems the woman's mind was already made up....which is even more evidence by her comments
But I hope that at least other women will learn from my experience. I want them to know what their options are, and to know that places like this aren't any help at all.
Obviously she didn't like the options the CPC gave her, but they are options. She wasn't interested in options, just getting rid of the baby. It is also worth noting that she was using condoms...she probably listened to all that great sex-ed that tells her how 'safe' it is.

Update: Imago Dei has a related post where Serge comments
It should also be noted what effect that this visit had on "Laura's" ability to procure an abortion. It had none - she had an abortion anyway. She simply had the opportunity to explore more choices before making that decision. No matter what side of this issue you are on, I cannot see why that is a bad thing.
Which I agree with totally. However, I would suggest that the options for a pregnant woman are a) Have and keep the baby. b)Have and adopt out the baby and c) kill the baby as opposed to the list Serge puts up (Which are more like free help if the person chooses (a) or (b))
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