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Creation - Dinosaurs get a tooth ache
Eureka alert and Live have released details of a nasty to blow to the big story of dinosaur evolution. As the Eureka alert article says
"Because the teeth look like those we know from herbivorous ornithischians, people assigned them to the dinosaurs," said Randall Irmis, a graduate student in the Department of Integrative Biology and the Museum of Paleontology at UC Berkeley. "We think we've shown that you can't rely on the dentition to determine what is an early dinosaur, which casts doubt on all the ornithischians from the Triassic of North America."

Essentially, much of the 'early' ornithischian dinosaur (1 of the 2 main dinosaur groups) evolutionary story was built on fossil teeth. This is the story that has been repeated countless times to countless students for many many years. All on the evidence of some teeth. Now they have found that the teeth thing is maybe not the best for inference and their cherished story has to be completely revised...but don't worry... that will be a 'fact' too.

Of course, this also changes Crocodile evolutionary tales, as Live says
"This find is a great thing for the crocodilian record, too," Parker said. "Here's this totally unrecognized group of possibly herbivorous crocodilians," Parker said.
The similarities are a result of what scientists call convergent evolution, when unrelated species develop similar traits independently

Yup. It doesn't fit into our evolutionary tree so it must be convergent evolution. Yeesh. Clearly the blind faith of evolutionists ensures that they have fixed the conclusion (Evolution is TRUE!) and interpret the data to fit with that conclusion.

(HT: Creation Safaris)
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