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Women - Motherhood is good
Two articles today show clearly that Motherhood is beneficial to mothers. The first, a large study of mothers in the US concludes in its executive summary that 81% of mothers surveyed were highly satisfied with an addition 16% being somewhat satisfied. I wonder what the satisfaction rate is for women who aren't mothers though....

It is certainly worth reading the summary at least.

Boundless also has a book review on "The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood Makes us Smarter" by pulitzer winning investigative journalist Katherine Ellison. The book outlines scientific evidence showing the improvements in the brain of a mother.
Ellison pinpoints five qualities that are enhanced in a “baby-boosted brain:” perception, efficiency, resiliency, motivation and emotional intelligence. Each is supported by numerous studies, especially in animals whose brains are most like humans. They are confirmed in human subjects through MRI scans of mothers’ brains, surveys and interviews.

As I have said before, Motherhood is the MOST important career. It is not easy, but it is very worth it. The book review also comments on another recent poll that concluded
Meanwhile, the poll also finds that “at-home moms are more likely than working moms to give themselves A’s for their satisfaction in life (52% vs. 33%), marriage (59% vs. 38%), overall well being (39% vs. 26%), sex life (33% vs. 21%) and as a wife/partner (41% vs. 32%).”

So in advance of Mother's Day this sunday, I would like to express my appreciation to all the Mothers in the world for taking the time and effort to raise their children.
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