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Science - Helium Diffusion rates and the age of the earth
For the more science minded, there is an interesting exchange available regarding findings by Dr Russell Humphreys et al, that helium diffusion rates indicate the age of the earth to be 6000 +- 2000 yrs old. You can read the original work (pdf) here and here.

Dr Kevin Henke, over at Talk Origins has a long post of problems he perceives with Dr Humphrey's work, and Dr Humphrey's responds with this article over at True Origins.

It is worth reading if you are into science. One interesting tidbit is
As stated in Humphreys et al. (2003a, p. 20), geochemist Dr. Kenneth A. Farley (anonymously referred to as the "experimenter" in Humphreys et al., 2004) performed the helium diffusion analyses for this RATE project. Nevertheless, Dr. Wieland clearly misunderstands how scientists view the work of other scientists. Although Dr. Farley is a well-respected expert, scientists don't consider him or any other colleague to be an infallible pope or prophet.
The sort of accusations that Dr Henke makes with respect to the competence and honesty of YEC Scientists makes stressing the identity of some experimenters an important part of the research. It is people like Dr Henke that necessitate these additions, and so it is somewhat ironic that he tries to lambast Dr Wieland for reiterating the point.

Dr Henke also complains about the ad hoc explanation of 'accelerated nuclear decay', yet this was the very hypothesis that Dr Humphrey's and the RATE group were testing. It seems that Dr Henke's comment
Because YECs are often willing to "resolve" any problems or prop up any of their religious ideas with unfalsifiable ad hoc miracles, they really don't produce scientific results or models.
is falsified by the very material he is trying to criticise.
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