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Science - Evolution supporters 'scientific' methods
Pro-ID site Kansas science 2005 has a pdf copy of a letter from Anti-ID Kansas Citizens for Science media and PR contact Liz Craig. Liz has been shown to be holding the bright light of science up to display the short-comings of ID... Not. Instead Liz has shown us just how the current evolutionary 'science' tries to hold its monopoly, by lies, insults and mud-slinging the ID supporters. Quite a few sites are running the story, including ARN, Creation Safaris and Evolution News and Views. They all highlight the pathetic and slimy strategy being used, but I think they all miss one of the implications of a paragraph none of them quote.

From the letter
I admire your attitude. I feel the same way. However, the BOE answers to no one. They have no reason to resign. They are in the cat-bird seat, they have all the power, and they will do what they want to do.

Good ol' Liz, I guess she can't force them to resign (which is obviously her preferred choice), indeed, if she did have the power it is clear that she would be happy to indoctrinate and coerce to have the "fact" of evolution seared into everyone's brains.

The main part of the letter, quoted by all sites above, shows exactly the tactics they plan on using, now that they can't force the Board of Education to do what they want.
My strategy at this point is the same as it was in 1999: notify the national and local media about what's going on and portray them in the harshest light possible, as political opportunists, evangelical activists, ignoramuses, breakers of rules, unprincipled bullies, etc.

So who are the unprincipled bullies? Its clear they don't want to look at the science.

The letter continues further on
The solution is really political.

So what was Liz saying before, oh yeah...she wants to paint the ID supporters as 'political opportunists.' Seems to me that she is the one who is the political opportunist, by her own admission.

Finally, the letter concludes with the most ironic statement imaginable
In the meantime, let's shine a light on them and their motives, and let the press and public know what's really going on.

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