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Quiz - Dark side or Light side
With the upcoming star wars film, I can't help but get involved in the Star Wars mania! Here is a ahum, scientific quiz which tells you which side of the force you would lean towards. (with sounds and some, um, unusual questions!)
It Appears I get a rating of 6, a little on the light side side of the force. I am most like 'Mace Windu' A suprmeme bad-ass Jedi who's best mate is Yoda.
I got a five. Princess Leia!
7 - Luke Skywalker. Other than the fact that I fancy my sister, that is pretty cool.
Hmmm... I got a 4- Han Solo! I consider myself a Grey Jedi anyways- the Dark Side is simply put evil and the Light Side is well, flawed. At least the Jedi Code is anyways. They are pacisfists, except in times of war. They are teachers, except when it comes to telling their students the truth. The Jedi are arrongant and walk around with their heads above everyone else. They also can't love; but they love stealing babies for their own good. Why not breed two Jedi? The Sith are at least honest, but like I said before, they are evil. However, with a some persuasion, I might join because I would love to have power! Grey Jedi are allowed to love and they are not "evil" like the Jedi would claim. Grey Jedi do what is right, they follow their heart. Every choice you have made made you the person you are today; be it light or dark or in-between.
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