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Media - The Fruits of the Neutrality Myth
With the recent Mass Media debacles including Dan Rather and his "Fake but Accurate" memo, Jason Blair just making stuff up, Newsweeks deadly Koran flushing rubbish and even NBC's today show jumping on the Koran desecration bandwagon you might think that some huge change has happened in the last few years to make the media go off the deep end. Many people think that all these recent occurances are due simply to the blogsphere catching the Main-Stream Media (MSM) out when they print such obviously wrong or biased articles and others show just how one-sided the staff at Media institutes can be, the real issue that is missed is it isn't bias that is the problem but the idea of being able to be neutral.

Consider the recent rash of MSM failures, especially Newsweeks recent efforts that resulted in riots and murders. Even now, the MSM does not accept responsibility in any part of causing those deaths. Whilst Newsweek didn't pull the trigger themselves, they certainly encited others too. Even if this story was true, Newsweek would have still been a part of the cause of those deaths. Yet they would have reported what end? (These same reporters would happily support the burning of the flag, or someones right to destroy a bible.) As long as they continue to believe the lie that they are just reporting 'facts' and other people act on those facts, they will continue to cause pain, suffering and even death all the whilst pretending their hands are clean. Even in the past, the MSM was directly responsible for turning the public against the Vietnam war, and millions died when America and Australia pulled out.

It is not surpising that this lie of neutrality is also the same that has allowed secular humanism to gain control of the state school system. The pretence of neutrality appeals to many people. Yet this very pretence is one of the most damaging lies in existence. It encourages people to put faith and trust in people and process that in reality cannot be neutral, that effects and influences others towards particular ideas and actions.

Everyone understands that Christian schools impart christian ideas (Well, sometimes anyways), but why do people seem to think that state schools impart only neutral ideas? Where did the myth of neutrality arise and how did it work it's way into the media and schools?

I would have to say that the proponents of Secular Humanism and Communism created the lie. Both of these systems agree that human character and ideals are just a product of their environment and so already recognize that the environment, including education and media, is never neutral. Yet it is the proponents of these systems who inhabit the MSM, and who championed the idea of the public education system. They know it is a lie, yet they use this lie to gain influence, authority and power over those systems, so that their worldview can be spread.

The blogsphere has been vital in catching out some of the fruits of the bias in the MSM, but it seems many people still think that true neutrality is possible, and until they realize this too is a lie, they will continue to fall prey to the fruits of that lie.
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