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Ethiopia is having purported democratic elections. Will Franklin and Ethiopundit have a lot of info on the state of democracy there. (HT: )

William Stuntz has an article on the undestanding of what rights are over at leader U that is well worth reading.

We could take some cues from Russian Jewish Leader, Zeyev Wagner, who argues ALL religions should encourage large families and fight abortion as a priority. He seeks to unify religions in Russia to do just that.

In software news, Software piracy is worse in poor countries, especially communist countries, with little traditional morality. But we also see that Cuba is switching from Microsoft to Linux for "all state owned computers". Someone should tell slashdot that Cuba's state owns everything...that whole communism thing.

Radioblogger has a transcript of an interview between Hugh Hewwit and ABC News Terry Moran where Moran accepts that the Media is anti-military and this has been coloring their judgement since Vietnam. It is a candid and informative interview all up.
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