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Life site news as a raft of informative posts today.

It seems more and more people are speaking out against abortion. Carl A. Anderson, head of a 1.7 Million catholic organisation spoke against abortion and euthenasia at Canada's National March for Life's banquest. Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov of the Russian orthodox church spoke out against abortion and labelled it a major cause of the Russian population crisis. Guy Sebastion, the first Australian Idol winner is using his earnings to create a new crisis pregnancy center and speaks out about the harm to mothers of abortion.

Japan's population crisis continues to worsen with their birth rate dropping to record lows.

It seems there are long term effects from taking the Pill. Studies have found significant and permanent decreases in the sex-drive of long term pill takers.

The law in the Phillipines is having to crack down on UN supported NGO agencies to stamp out illicit provision of the abortion pill ru 486 by those NGO's.

Michigan is moving towards requiring ultrasounds before an abortion with this bill.

The UK Telegraph has an article about how a twice-divorced mother blames the education system for the fact that her 3 daughters, aged 12, 14, and 16, are all single mothers. This is what happens when the idea of the state being responsible for upbringing rather than parents becomes prevalent.
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