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Life - UK Doctors erring on the side of death
Lydia McGrew from Right Reason has a post on the UK courts letting doctors to decide to not resuscitate a young girl if she needs it. This decision is against the parents wishes. How close is the UK to the Netherlands decision to kill disabled infants? Whilst it isn't intentionally killing in the UK, it is doing it against the parents wishes. Scary stuff.

From The article
Now it is the following May, and things have gone rather differently from the predictions of the hospital doctors. They have been forced to admit that Charlotte can now see and hear, that she is not in pain, she didn’t die over the winter, despite the DNR order. Her oxygen requirement has been cut in half, and she can now spend short periods of time out of the oxygen box. She responds to human contact and stimulation. See here, here, and here.

One might expect the hospital doctors to revise their estimates and predictions and to be, at least, willing to take off the DNR, but they remain surprisingly intransigent.

Read the whole thing.
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