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Life - Stem Cell Research Primer
Joe Carter has a great post over at the Evangelical Outpost on Stem Cell Research. Joe gives a great primer on stem cell research and has listed 58 tangible results from Adult Stem Cell Research, and compares that to the zero from Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Note that there are many future uses and some current uses that have been overlooked in this total of 58, such as curing blindness, and customized skin grafts, and even breast implants. Life Site news has a great section for investigating the success stories.

Joe agrees, as I have said before, that
When time and money are limited it's not only irrational but immoral to divert funding and attention from promising areas of research to ones that have absolutely no evidence of producing results.

Check out the list of 58 benefits of Adult Stem Cells.

Update: The Australian has an opinion piece by Michael Cook on the same topic. Michael quotes a couple of Embryonic Stem Cell Experts
This is an opinion shared by many scientists, starting with Australia's Alan Trounson, a world expert on embryonic stem cells. He told the journal Nature Medicine earlier this month that "the so-called therapeutic cloning to my mind is a non-event". As a way of creating cures, he observed, "it's just not realistic".

He was supported by an American expert, Jose Cibelli, of Michigan State University, whose tip is that, "I can predict that therapeutic cloning is going to be obsolete".

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