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Life - A right to know about the right to death?
Fiona Stewart, At online opinion has an article on how we are being denied the 'Right to know about the right to death'. No Such right exists in our constitution. You just gotta love how people make everything that want to be a 'right'. Boundless has an interesting article on a similar topic today. Ben Domenech talks about Life and Death and Terri Schaivo.
For many, the slow, painful dehydration and death of one woman, Terri Schiavo, is enough to make one question what kind of civilized society we inhabit today. What strange fashion of humanity is it that finds the disabled to be broken, useless and therefore expendable?

The whole idea of quality of life is a destructive notion that is somewhat ironically illogical. Let me explain.

The quality of life idea argues that people do not have any intrinsic worth, thereby discounting any notion of God. But then we need to notion of people deciding their own purpose and worth. Now you might think this is all fine and rational, but if so, then why do people think suicide is such a bad problem? Is that not just someone deciding their purpose and quality of life is not worth living? Obviously others are pushing their own ideas of what a worthwhile life is onto those poor soouls. It becomes even more obviously flawed when you look at cases like Terri Schaivo and aborting of 'disabled' foetus's. Here, once again, we have people deciding the worth of other peoples lives based on their own criteria.

Obviously, people arguing for quality of life as a criteria for death are imposing their own external, subjective values onto others. We need to make this clear before Terri Schaivo becomes the rule, not the exception.
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