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Life - New risk of Oral Contraceptives found
New Scientist reports on a new risk found for women taking oral contraceptives (I.e. The Pill).
Oestrogen-like chemicals commonly found in oral contraceptives and plastic packaging could deform the prostate gland of human embryos, suggests a new study in mice. Deformities to the prostate gland have been linked to prostate cancer and bladder disease in later life.

So, if women become pregnant whilst on the pill, which happens in roughly 3% of pregnancies, the unborn child is subject to the hormones from the pill which deforms prostate glands which can lead to prostate cancer and bladder disease.

The 3% equates to roughly 2 million women in the US each year.

Good thing scientists fully investigate medicines before they are made commonly available. Whilst not as bad as the thalidomide fiasco, it is certainly still a major cause of concern.

I wonder what other unexpected problems arise from taking large doses of hormones, either in the mother or the child.

(HT: Life Site News)
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