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ID - Blogsphere chatter roundup
Prosthesis discovers a non-scientific addition to the Kansas curriculum on Evolution. Although at least the addition is honest in the assumption of naturalism.

Wittinshire reveals that Planned parenthood has released a statement saying that Intelligent Design is worse than abstinence eduction. Suffice to say, the planned parenthood statement has more mistakes than was previously thought humanly possible. This after Joe Carter at evangelical outpost highlights Planned Parenthoods lie about what is the accepted start of life.

The Boston Globe has an article on Michael Ruse and his latest comments that too much anti-religous rhetoric is what is causing Evolution to be challenged so much. Whilst I appreciate Michael's intellectual honesty in a field populated by people of less integrity, He misses the point. Evolution itself is hostile to most, if not all, Theistic religions. The Boston Globe does it's general biased presentation in the same old way, with old cannards such as comparing 'Scientists and Creationists' etc etc etc. And even thinks the current rates of disbelief in evolution are a revival...

Wittingshite also has a post on the decline in poetry and how it relates to the decline of Intelligent Design (or more precisely the worldview of an ordered and purposeful universe).

Jonathan Witt highlights the holes in the phylogenic tree over at ID the future and also comments at Evolution News and Views on how the media may be starting to tell the proper story about Kansas at long last.
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