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Evolution - falsely claiming developments
Joe Carter, over at evangelical outpost, has a post on the lack of coherence and consistency in Richard Dawkins position. William Dembski also has comments on Dawkin's latest ramblings.

Suffice to say Dawkins makes many logical errors, however I want to focus instead on a claim made by one of Joe's common commentators, Tgirsch, in response to the question "Where has the theory of evolution contributed to progress in science?". This claim is made over and over again by evolutionist supporters, and that is that:
Evolutionary biology is central to the development of:
* drug/chemical compounds for medical use
* methods for tracking pathogens, i.e., infectious diseases
* biochemicals for medicine and other industrial use
* data that reveals relationships among organisms

Tgirsch also provides a link to this article from Action Bioscience.

The biggest logical blunder in making these claims is that they equivocate on the meaning of 'Evolution'. The article provided even claims
Yet, evolution, especially microevolution, has been fundamental to some social improvements this century, and it promises to be profoundly important to biomedical technology in the next generation.

So the concept of mutation and natural selection causing changes in the organism (Some call it micro-evolution) is an observed fact and is used quite frequently in science and scientific progress. The Theory of Evolution however is about common descent by hugely extrapolating observed changes to claim that all life evolved from a single organism in the distant past.
My brother and I were just discussing that very comment and that very answer on the phone! I figured tgrisch was thinking micro-evolution... Well said.
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