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Evolution - Doctors support desgin
ID The Future has a post on a recent survey of doctors views on evolution. The actual poll is available here. Whilst at first look, it seems that most doctors are in favor of evolution over intelligent design, however this simply appears to be due to a misunderstanding of intelligent design.

If you look at Question 7, it shows that roughly 60% of doctors believe that either Young Earth Creationism (~18%) or God started and guided human development through evolution (~42%). Both of these is consistent with intelligent design's claims. However, when you look at question 10, it seems that ~58% believe that ID is pseudo-science. Clearly, there is much confusion about ID out there, and I would have to lay the blame for that confusion at the feet of peole like Richard Dawkin's who give the veneer of being truthful and rational, whilst in reality are driven by their own blind faith into falsehoods and irrationality.

On the lighter side, at least 42% of doctors think that ID is science and it puts lie to the evolutionist propoganda that only uneducated and ignorant people believe that we are intelligently designed.

Update: Burt Humburg over at Panda's Thumb also comments on this poll. And notes that
Again, ID creationism receives its support for reasons not related to science. ID creationism is a response to socio-religious issues, even among highly educated people who (though they tend not to be as well educated in the doing of science as popular opinion believes) presumably at least use the results of scientific research every day.

Once again, someone tries to act as if there is some neutral, default position that is without bias. Unsuprisingly, it is an atheist. Acting within his own presupposition, Burt claims that supporters of ID give their support because of socio-religious reasons. And of course, Burt adds in the expected jab that these people aren't as 'educated' as you might think.

I could just as easily claim that support for evolution is based mostly on presuppositions about reality and that those who support it are close-minded and biased rather than enlightened and reasoned. Obviously the fact that 98%+ of atheists agree with undirected evolution is strong evidence of this. And to counter Burt's obvious Ad Hominem fallacy all I would have to do is put forward the well known case of Anthony Flew, the atheist who turned to deism, mainly because of Intelligent Design. It seems that his religious views followed from Intelligent design, and not vice versa
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