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Abortion - Anglican Archdeacon and logic
The Age has an opinion piece by Peta Sherlock,an archdeacon in the Anglican Church and the vicar of the Parish of Banyule. It seems Peta wants God to be wild?
Some people like their faith to be black and white and under control. Me, I like the red season. We need a God who is wild and uncontrollable, bigger than our imagination, stronger than our will, and less predictable than our daily lives.
So lets look at this briefly. If God is less predictable than our daily lives, can we trust Him? If god is 'wild' does that man that he is a God of chaos, not of order?

Sounds almost pagan, but hey, on some levels this may me considered accurate. I can give her the benefit of the doubt. Then I came accross this paragraph
I don't experience life as black and white. My ethical decisions are mostly of the grey variety, choosing not the right over the wrong, but the lesser of two evils. I am suspicious of church leaders who tell me that faith is sight and that hope is certainty, who claim that speech is free, and abortion and euthanasia and divorce are just plain wrong.
Yup. Welcome to the Australian Anglican Church, where absolute truth is so out of step with the current culture and we can justify reinterpreting the plain teaching of the bible simply because it is inconveniently clear. I'm suprised she didn't say anything about homosexuality.
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