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Religion - Islam, Christianity and the sword
American Thinker has a good article exegeting Koran and bible verses referring to the sword. Coming to the conclusion, in line with the historical actions of both Jesus and Mohammad that
To sum up our interpretation of Sura 8:12, then, this verse is one of many that are found in the context of physical warfare and bloodshed. Muhammad is promised the help of angels who put terror in the hearts of the Meccans. But it is unclear from the Muslim sources and commentators whether the angels or the Muslims strike above the necks and cut off the fingers. Historically and in reality, this was done by the Muslims. Either way, though, Sura 8:12, as we will see, diametrically opposes Luke 22:36. History demonstrates that Jesus never waged jihad on sinners or unbelievers—he did not even swing a sword.

Its worth reading for the studious minded.
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