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Barking moonbat has a informative post on US Spending. Beware the welfare state

Fake blogs being used to install spyware. I'm real. I swear!

Convicts paid for starting a fire. Now there is a lucrative business opportunity. Oops...I meant ludicrous, not lucrative

ID The future has details of a recent debate between PZ Meyers and Paul Nelson that is worth looking at. It is great to see someone who can debate and argue and be civil to those you disagree with ...then there's the evolutionist

The conservative philospher has a great article on the Pope and consevatism. It is well worth the read.

The Wittenberg gate has a great article on Dogs and lessons of God's grace. It reminds me of an alternate study I have used in a home group to teach about how the gift of Christ's grace can be free and still give us responsibilities.
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