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Life - Pushing the abortion pill
Whilst listening to ABC News radio this morning a news item came on about a push for making the day after abortion pill more available. There were the usual reproductive rights type groups pushing it. And what was the logic for this push?

They wanted it available to reduce the number of abortions....

Just think about that for a second. A pill that causes an abortion is meant to reduce the number of abortions??? Thats logic for ya!!!

This article from the Sydney morning herald has released figures from the Government study started at Senator Boswell's request, and the study came out with over 90,000 abortions a year in 2002/2003. The article on ABC news radio had the Reproductive rights people putting the number at 73,000. They said the decrease from 80,000 in previous years was due to sex education and contraceptive availability. So now that we know the number of abortions has increased, does this mean they will agree that contraceptive availability and sex education actually increase the number of abortions? I doubt it. It certainly shows their pseudo-scientific approach though nicely. I.e. If abortons go down it is because of Contraceptive availability and sex education. If they go up, then it is because of other factors (or not enough sex education and contraceptives). Either way, it is clear that they are assuming that sex education and contraceptive availability decrease abortions and merely interpreting whatever results happen around that assumption. Pseudoscience personified! (HT: Tim Blair)

Then a woman named Christine Richardson came on and told us that it really works!!!! Really! Just look at the Netherlands! Look at how their teenage abortion rates are down.

Far be it from me to be sarcastic, but, like, Hello!!!!!? The netherlands is one of the worst places to model yourself after....Reading a few of the links gotten from this search and you see.

Yep. That certainly is a model we want to follow right here in Australia. It certainly shows where some people want to head though.
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