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Life - Designer babies and thought experimnets
Joe over at evangelical outpost has a thought experiment in which embryo's are in high demand to be consumed for cures.

In somewhat ironic timing, the UK has just released the findings of 5 Lords reviewing the creation of designer babies for the purpose of curing people.
CREATING so-called "designer babies" to help parents treat sick children is lawful and should not be banned, Britain's highest court ruled today, rejecting an appeal against an earlier ruling.

Proponents say the technology, which involves harvesting stem cells - or master cells - for transplantation to an ill child, is ultimately about saving lives

I have to agree with the British Pro-Life charity, LIFE, who say "Today's decision from the House of Lords takes us further down the slippery slope in creating human beings to provide 'spare parts' for another"

We are closer to Joe's thought experiment than he probably realized when he wrote it.
Wow Alan! 5 Lords say it is ok to end innocent life in order to save another? Once there is justification given for ending innocent life (no matter how noble it may seem), then soon any justification (wealth, convenience) will do. And why stop at the pre-born? A slippery slope indeed.
I'm not 100% sure, but I think this is creating a genetically engineered human life with the specific purpose to breed compatible stem cells etc. The article is not clear whether the human life that was bred for this purpose is killed.
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