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Law - Victorian Villification Act continues
The victorian Racial and religious villification act is continuing to cause concerns for free speech and freedom of religion. The latest instance is of a convicted pedophile who defended his pedophilia on the grounds that it was part of his religion (witchcraft) has brought legal action against the Salvation army and CMC Australasia (Australian distributers of the ALPHA course) to stop use of the ALPHA course because it negatively portrays Witchcraft (by using bible verses).

So now we have a person trying to claim the pedophilia is not illegal because it is part of his religion, but any course negatively portraying his religion from their holy book is illegal? Cognitive dissonance seems to be a friend of the 21st century
Thanks for the link Alan!

It is important that we all put in as much work as possible to see the religious vilification laws removed.

Religion is a choice, to ban religious vilification is akin to banning Volvo driver vilification, or Lawyer vilification, it is a nonsensical imposition upon the freedom of individuals to debate their choices and inform themselves and others about their decisions.
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