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Euthenasia - UK Reaches new lows
The UK Telegraph has an article on 11 Eldery people who were starved to death
These 11 elderly people suffered from dementia and several of the staff at the hospice were implicated in the withdrawing of their food.

What is even scarier however is the comments by the chairman of the inquest, retired High Court judge Sir Richard Rougier. He said that if..
food and fluid was withdrawn at a time when they were perfectly capable of accepting it all because it was arbitrarily decided that it was time for them to die... [it would amount to a policy that had been] totally unacceptable since the dark ages

But then goes on to say
If it should transpire that food and fluids were withdrawn in good faith and in the not unreasonable belief that it was in their best interests as the lesser of two evils, committing them to die in as much comfort and dignity as possible. . . it would be grossly unfair to record a verdict other than that of death by natural causes.

Err, hello???
Lets see, arbitrary decision in the first case makes it wrong. Subjective decision of the 'best interests' of the patient in the second case makes it 'death by natural cause'?

And this is the logic by a retired supreme court judge?

I also have to wonder how any educated person can think that starving someone to death is letting them die in as much comfort and dignity as possible?

Welcome to the culture of death.

To add to this, in Australia, there are many hospital staff that have been talking about how eldery infirm are given almost no food, so they will die sooner. It saves money you know.... It is mind boggling that something that would be regarded as a cruel and inhumane punishment for a mass murderer, is completely acceptable to do to a defenseless person in need.
yup, my father was killed in the royal bournemouth and christchurch hospital in Bournemouth, Dorset on 11th Feb 2008 to save money - he'd already told the bastards treating him that he'd found a private surgeon and to bugger off too - then suddenly he's in a coma, and then he's dead - still trying to get an inquest after 8 months - so much cheaper to kill the elderly than treat them. All the solicitors i've tried to get have said there is not enough money in it for them to help me with the case - so all elderly people are totally vulnerable in the UK. Chilling number of people i've met in the past 8 months have suffered the same with their parents, grandparents etc , particularly those who need expensive treatments. You dont give opiod pain relief to people who arent in any pain unless you intend to kill them, but current law says its not murder.
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