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Abortion - Planned Parenthood and Government
Life Site News has an article on the recent comments by Planned Parenthood on Terri Schaivo's case.
In a Wednesday, March 30, phone conversation with Bereit, the Planned Parenthood executive admitted to sending the e-mail and said, "We just felt that it was pretty courageous of them (the six senators) to do what they did, and it's always a good idea to thank legislators when they do something you like."
More validation that the slippery slope argument against abortion was justified. The baby killing business Planned Parenthood obviously feels that Terri didn't deserve to live based on the same reasoning they use to decide the unborn don't deserve it....

she sent out the e-mail because, "I think probably the majority of our supporters feel that there should not be government intrusion, that the court should be the ones handling this issue, as it has, and so that's why I did it."

What is truly amazing is that she does not understand that the courts ARE the government.
... yes, and that it was Michael who took the case to court in the first place (bringing the govenrment in) to have the tube removed. (Incidentally, after he annonced his angagement to Jodi.)

They don't want government intrusion unless it's protecting their precious "right" to privacy.
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