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Genetics - DNA backups
Astounding stuff
These mutant parent plants apparently have hidden templates containing genetic information from the preceding generation that can be transferred to their offspring, even though the traits aren't evident in the parents, according to Purdue University researchers. This discovery flies in the face of the scientific laws of inheritance first described by Gregor Mendel in the mid-1800s and still taught in classrooms around the world today.

Essentially, it sounds like they have a backup copy of their genetic structure.
The paper appears in the march 24 Nature Journal.

Talk about well designed! It is no wonder they don't even try to explain how it evolved. Backup copies of things implies a definite anticipation of future events which implies design quite strongly
Well I can speculate how it might have evolved. But that would be just speculation.

Intelligent design? I just don't know about that. Strikes me when you use Science to try and prove something is God's handiwork you will always end up with egg on your face.

Best to keep spirtual beliefs apart from scientific thought.
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