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Evolution - Crocodile Non-Evolution and species
Monash Uni Researcher Lucas Buchanan has discovered a 'new species' of crocodile that resembles a current freshwater croc. Showing that little evolution has happened to the croc over the last 40 million years.

The researcher found
consisting of two nearly complete skulls, a lower jaw and bits of legs, ribs and claws.

The only difference mentioned between current crocs and this one
Its teeth were a little different to the modern day crocodile, sharper and laterally compressed so it could slice food more easily.
The crocodile also had extra muscle attachments in the jaw to give a stronger, more powerful bite with interlocking teeth.

Ignoring the fact that the crocodile is just another in the long line of living fossils that show little to no sign of evolution over tens of millions of years, I have to ask one important question.

How the heck do they know this thing is another species? I mean really? A little more muscle, a slightly laterally compressed jaw. Sharper teeth?

How does that relate to being a different species? Guess work is not science.
(Hat Tip Scrappleface)
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