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Church - UK Survey on the decline of the Church
Life Site News has a great article on a recent survey on reasons for the decline in church attendance in Britain and Ireland

Although 2/3 of UK citizens believe in God, their church attendance is really low, and the survey attempted to find out why.

The survey, available as a pdf online here. is well worth reading for its findings.

Several major themes were found in the answers.
1) The need for apologetics - With the false impression amongst people that there are no strong reasons for believing the christian faith is true.. Because no apologetics are given

2) The need for better moral teaching and guidance - With the picture of God as a nice loving God who does not demand anything of us. A God that can be ignored and called upon in an emergency

3) The need for high quality church services - A balance of Traditional and contemporary styles, thought provoking sermons with life applications as well as on salvation and the good and bad in the afterlife

4) The need for Prophetic and visionary teaching - In the current times, people are scared of the future. Christian churches need to provide hope and security.

Clearly this is a survey that all churches should be mindful of. The church cannot compromise its message under pressure from the world and survive. The church cannot ignore the times, but must fight on the current fronts of conflict to be relevant.
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