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Christianity - Gunman kills 8 in church service
In recent news, a gunmen killed 7 people and himself in a church service in wisconsin.

Before I continue, understand that I think this is a tragic event for all involved.

What I want to focus on however, is the media's coverage of this event.
I reviewed quite a number of the news articles on this event and precious few gave any real clarification to the church that was involved.

The church involved was 'The living church of god' which was a breakaway group from a breakaway group from the worldwide church of god. Many would be aware that the worldwide church of was a cult started by Herbert Armstrong, but that moved back towards being christian in the 90s. The founder of the living church of god broke away from the worldwide church of God when it started to return to christian belief, and then split with that group.

The Living church of God is not a christian church, it is a cult. Denying the existence of the holy spirit, being legalistic and many other of the features of the original worldwide church of god.

Yet only very few news organisations come even close to identifying this fact. This is one of the problems of the Mainstream media. They do not have the expertise to properly comment on these things, and so facts are often missed. (Ask any IT person about how well journalists report on IT related matters and you will find the same problem)

So why do people place so much value in reporting that is done by people who don't understand much of what they are reporting on?
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