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Abortion - Mother of 14 yr old arrested for trying to stop daughters forced abortion
Weapons of Mass Distraction has a link to a recent case in the papers. Basically a mother was arrested when trying to retrieve her daughter who had been taken out of school, by a woman to an abortion clinic to abort the baby. The woman turned out to be the mother of the boy who impregnated the girl.
Life site news has more, with links to more news articles on the case and the comment that girl had decided to keep the baby

Whilst Weapons of Mass Distraction feels this is indicative of the current culture and comments
Whether it’s the unborn or the disabled, the rights of legal guardians are honored only when the end result is the death of the helpless.
I think that this is merely another case of the abortion clinics showing how little they really care about the pregnant women and how much they care about killing for money.

All the clinic needed to do is take a little time to work out the whole story and they could have avoided all this, but that would of lost them some money. Now, unless I miss my guess, they are going to be sued for a ridiculous amount of money, and hopefully criminal negligence.
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