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Abortion - Michigan Birth Definition Act
Jivin Jehoshaphat has a post on a recent editorial about Michigan's attempts to define birth in law. (Editorial comments are in Red)
Michigan was scheduled to become one of the most regressive states in the union when the Legal Birth Definition Act became law March 30.

How is defining birth and protecting a child who is partially outside her mom "regressive?" Is infanticide progressive? Since when is outlawing the killing children who are half way out of their mother regressive?

Just another example of trying to paint anyone who opposes killing defenseless babies as backward, regressive anti-progressive..blah blah blah.

How anyone can talk about going back to a process of killing defenseless babies that has been done by various civilizations over the past 3 millenia as progressive is beyond me...

One final quote from the editorial
This is the third time since 1996 that it has offered up a bill that tramples upon legally sanctioned medical procedures.

I'm not sure the editorialist realises the irony of her statement. When complaining about a law trampling upon legally sanctioned things, perhaps you should realise that things are only legally sanctioned if they are covered by a law?

Have a look through Jivin Jehoshaphats stuff, there is a lot of good info on current profile happenings in the US there.
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