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Martin Kettle from the guardian has a few comments on George W Bush and his visit to Europe

One particular paragraph stands out however
Much of this is summed up in the current transitional fluidity over the politics of Iraq. The war was a reckless, provocative, dangerous, lawless piece of unilateral arrogance. But it has nevertheless brought forth a desirable outcome which would not have been achieved at all, or so quickly, by the means that the critics advocated, right though they were in most respects.

2 points can be gleaned from this paragraph.
1) He thinks Bush was right and he really doesn't like it

2) The continued use of the word 'unilateral' is the one of the most consistent things in the left's opposition to the war in iraq.

Whether or not there were valid reasons for or against the war is not the issue here. The repetitive use of a term that does not apply, and has been made clear that it does not apply can only be seen as either willful ignorance or dishonesty. The coalition had over 30 countries being active participants. How is that unilateral?

And in case you are wondering if this is an isolated instance, just on this one term, I have consistently heard the claim that the US is Empire building, and that the
US is a theocracy. I'm sorry, but if you are not willing to use words accurately, then why should anyone listening to you believe you are accurate?
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